Saturday, 10 December 2011

For someone you Love!

Hellooo people!! 
the calender making spree continues and this one is for my friend who wanted to gift it to his girlfriend!
take a look and leave me some love!! 

I call this image a Pie Lane View! :P there are lotsa tiny cute glitter balls!!

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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Another calender!

This is just another simple calender I made! nothing much to tell about it but  I'm on a calender making spree and totally loving it!! I hope to come up wid a few more  calenders!! this has made my new year gifting easy!! :)

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Date it all year!!

Hellooo Peepzz!!! After a long long break! am back hea with a post!! and this time the new year is round the corner n all of us r getting ready with our new year resolutions and I came up with this fully loaded  table calender for the coming year that you would like to date all year!! :P and this time I have taken more patience to use those lovely pie lane glitter balls now I got a hold on them and love to use more n more of them!! you can hav a detailed Pie lane look in the close up  pictures! please do let me know how my new project has come out! I have made a pouch at the back and have given a few distressed card stocks to make important notes! so please do let me know how my first calender has come out  with slightly a vintage look on it!
challenge: Pie lane's 1st challenge

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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Handmade Invitations!

Helloo People!! well its a great feeling that I have 2 new followers now from the last time I logged in Thanks Pretty ladies for following me here!!  
And now this is What I did last night this is  engagement Invites I ve made for  Bestest Girlie whose soon gonna get Hitched to a wonderful man! ;)

well this is my first attempt to make invitations and it is totally custom made as per my friend's need each and every single bit his custom made  so there was no Brainstorming to create this it was all jus action n  done I have made around 30 invites an I have just posted 7 of them here! Please take a look and tell me what you think about this!!
Thanks for Visiting!!

Lots of Love

P.S: I have declared November as NO craft month But everything seems to be popping  up now!  Ufff... Just Hope to do well in my exam and get back to my paper glue scissors sooon!! :)
Need some luck n lil love!! :*

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Mini Birthday Scrapbook!

Hello People!! I;m back here again with a Mini birthday scrapbook that I made 2 days ago! In the midst of my exam preparation I don't seem to jeep myself away from crafting!! So please take a look! :)

Its a completely customized card and it was an amazing experience to  do my second scrap book! Its got a lot of different cards in it like the criss cross card, easel card and gate fold card! Pie Lane Buttons has become one of  my fav these days so here also I have a couple of them! And patterned papers are from my very own Itsy Bitsy!! I totally love the way it looks since I dint Have metal rings to put the pages of the scrapbook together I have used the ribbon! But soon am goona be using those lovely looking metal rings in my nxt project! so keep an eye! 
So  now please leave your precious comments  on this! May it be anything I would love to hear it!
Thanks for visiting!
Lots of Love to You all!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

A heartfelt Apology!

Hello people!!
I'm Back here posting after a long tym and now I have 13 followers! Omg! Thanks soo much for being here!1 Lots of love to u all!!

And here is another simple card! and its my first ever Apology card just some simple layering ribbon nothing  extra speacial about this card but I just really love the smiley wooden clip I have put there! I just found it in a super market stationary section [that's the first place I go when I go shopping other than clothes :P] It fits in soo perfect for the card! don't you think so?? well Please let me know what do you wanna say about this card! waiting to hear from you all!! :)
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Lots of love!

Monday, 3 October 2011

To the BOSS!

This is another simple card I made on order for a friend of mine who wants to give this to his super awesome Boss! And am still a learner when it comes to making cards for men.. its kind of a difficult task I feel But yeah.. I'm Hoping to do good in these kinda cards as well..  So for now please let me know how this one is! I would love to hear from You and yeah.. I forgot to tell the stamp and the silver ink is what I bought from Ujjwal!
Take care!

Rosy Birthday!

This is just another simple card! nothing so special about it but jus tried heat embossing avter a really reaaly long time and am always scared of messing it up and I did the same.. am yet to  get perfect at it.. and I have been loving my rolled  felt roses and I did it again and I promise myself to keep away from them for sometime for sure! :) and decorated with button and lots of glitter balls from Pie Lane! I kept myself away from the glitter balls for a while since tehy demand lots and lots of patience and I have now evloved and found a easier way to place them on my cards without much mess so may be am getting back to these lovely little stuff again!!
Thanks for visiting!

P.S: I want tips for heat embossing!! Please help me my lovely ladies!

For one of Your Ever green memory!

I was trying to make a fabric flower for the very first time! This is what I came up with! :)
I used some fabric scrap of my altered sleeves and hair bands and made this! I use  Pie lane's stich detail wooden button for the center of the white flowers and some pearls I locally bought for my purple flowers! You take a clear  look at my flowers in the second picture! since This is my first experiment with needle n fabric please be gentle. I would Love to get more  tips and suggestions onthis from all YOU amazing crafters! Please help me! and do let me know how my frame is! I made it after a really long time And in a hurry to complete it last  night i miscalculated and the slide in slit is seen plese excuse me for that!
Thanks for Dropping by!

Lots of  Love to all of you!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

A customized card!

Hello People!
This is another customized card that I'm posting today!  nothing uch to say about this, just simple layering.. stamping and distressing and lots of paper embellishments!
Please do comment and let me know how this is! :)
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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Ujjwal's Big Give away!

Herez an amazing give away from one of my favorite carfter Ujjwal! :) :) its totally beautiful! and am more eager than anyone else for this one.. since I have never got a give away from anyone till date!! lets see even though my chance of winning this one is too less!! But I must say Ujjwal was the reason I got stamps into my crafting!! Thanks soo much Ujjwal am soo gald to have come across your blog n store! Its simple awesommee :) :)
Ok, so herez what Ujjwal is giving way!! Take a look! :)

September/October Issue of Paper Crafts Magazine
25 6"X6" Sheets of Pattern Papers(Echo Park, Basic Grey, My Minds Eye, Jillibean Soup, Studio Calico, etc)
1 Unity Itty Bitty Stamp
2 Packs of Pie Lane Glitter strips
2 Packs of Pie Lane Rainbow Lustre Crystals
4 Packs of Glitter balls
20 Pieces of Maya Road Chipboard Numbers Jumbo
25 Buttons (mix pack of Pie Lane, American Crafts, etc)
2 pack of 10 Mulberry flowers
1 Yard each of 5 ribbons, a total of 5 yards (Maya Road, May Arts)
2 Custom hand-made cards of your choice
drop in to her Blog Right away!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Best Wishes!

A best wishes card.. there is nothing much to about this but just made it simple as I dint have much time to execute the order.. I love the bright combination! I jus went on doing this Dint know how it would trun up at all!! But am happy with how it looks! 
Please do tell me howz this! 
Challenge entered: -

Challenge #69 - Sponsored by ECHO PARK!

Thanks for visiting! 

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Its a notebook!

A little note book I made for myself using patterned paper from My itsy Bitsy for the outer cover  and the Button from Pie lane! And and Ipiity stamp from Ujjwal is stamped on the cover page! I totally love this cute book.. its soo handy n small its going to get a permanent place in my bag now on! 
Please let me know How this is! I'm waiting for you comments! :)
Thanks soo much for visiting!
Happy sunday! Have fun! :)

A tiny pocket note!

Hey peeps!!
I hope U r all doing great on a bright Sunday.. And here is me posting this on my blog this is a tiny pocket note made long ago, Ive used playing cards as cover pages and used a lots of waste pieces of my colorful card stocks to give a colorful look to the book as well as not wasting those tiny pieces of card stock :) This was my first experiment made when I learnt japaneese binding!please do tell what you think about my tiny little pocket note!
Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

its PINK again and multiple page card!

Hello people!!
I'm back with a post after a almost 20 days! and yea its again another PINK multiple page card! This card had made everyone go CRAZY.. and I have been making it for everyone again n again and I totally love doing it and this was again made on request and customized as per their needs :)
I tried  felt roses and I jus totally love them and also inked my butterflies to different colors!
Please do comment and let me know how this is!
Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Happy Teacher's Day!

Hello People!
I'm back with a new post and  teacher's day is round the corner and hence I made this card! its a simple card wid lot of stamping and a bow! I just some how love the green and red combination and I made this with the same combination and again its a NO flower card and am actually getting used to make cards without flowers.. so the mean.. [I'm learning ;)] and the  sentiment is hand written.. well that's all about this card and Now I would love to listen to your words on this card, Please let me know how's the card!
Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

My First ever Tri-Shutter card!

Hello Crafters! :)
This is my first attempt to make a tri shutter card and I have just used distressing and stamping all over the card I just really  love the effect it gives and may be I'll never be bored of distressing :)
Please let me know How best I can improve my skills on this :) 
Thanks for Visiting! :)

Get glittery!!

Hello People!
Eid mubarak and happy Ganesh chaturti to all of u.. Hope all of u r celebrating wid great joy.. :)
Its jus another normal day for me here and I have an off for 2 days and tis is what I came up with for the first day! :) I repeat again I cant keep myself away from the bling balls and the distress ink so this is another project with them :) 
Here I just tried drawing a shoe and dressed it up wid my fav  glitter balls from Pie lane and lotsa glitter dust :) and the stamp is what I bought from Ujjwal!
Please do let me know how this one is!
Thanks for Visiting! :)

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