Wednesday, 31 August 2011

My First ever Tri-Shutter card!

Hello Crafters! :)
This is my first attempt to make a tri shutter card and I have just used distressing and stamping all over the card I just really  love the effect it gives and may be I'll never be bored of distressing :)
Please let me know How best I can improve my skills on this :) 
Thanks for Visiting! :)

Get glittery!!

Hello People!
Eid mubarak and happy Ganesh chaturti to all of u.. Hope all of u r celebrating wid great joy.. :)
Its jus another normal day for me here and I have an off for 2 days and tis is what I came up with for the first day! :) I repeat again I cant keep myself away from the bling balls and the distress ink so this is another project with them :) 
Here I just tried drawing a shoe and dressed it up wid my fav  glitter balls from Pie lane and lotsa glitter dust :) and the stamp is what I bought from Ujjwal!
Please do let me know how this one is!
Thanks for Visiting! :)

Saturday, 27 August 2011

NOT a card!

Hello :)
If I have to call this a card .. this is just a single sided one with a pouch at the back where I have place  few tags.. and most importantly I got my hands back on my favorite itsy bitsy flowers! I just love these  flowers because they were the once with which I started making cards :) So anyday my love for these flowers never fades and its been quite a long time since i used flowers in any of my cards and Hence I got back to  them with this one and the those music notes are hand drawn and  dressed up with my new Pie Lane glitter balls and the Ippity stamps that I bought from Ujjwal.
Over all I can say am on high alert to get some card stock for myself or else I will end up making something like this as am totally running out card stock,, I better make time and rush to get them sooon :)
please do tell me what you think about this!
Thanks For visiting!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

I DARED to do this finally! [ my first experience with Pie Lane :)

Hello Peeps!!
This is just a simple card but for me its something  new because I have DARED to quill.. Though I have been making cards for more than one and a half yeas now I could never get the guts to quill on anything.. I always had the feeling I cant actually get my hands on that cause its something that looks elegant to me and delicate at the same and someone who cant get these two things right in place anytime and finally the day has come for me to get started with this and I jus did this simple flower and the happiest thing about the card is I now finally have glitter balls from Pie Lane! :) I was so surprised  when I got the package this afternoon as soon as I was back from college :) Just to use those irresistibly cute glitter balls I ended up making this simple card. Hopefully I'll be making something nice from my pie lane products soon :)
please do comment and help me get better and more confident with Quilling!! I badly need help on this!
Thanks for Visiting!

P.S :This card again proves am just NOT able to keep myself away frommy Distress inks :P

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Sending YOU some sunshine!

when I tried combining quite a few concept that was on my mind the out come was this card! everything here is handmade and hand drawn right from the card to the sentiment tried to restrict myself to stick to my primitive card making techniques and made this going back to the good old days of beginning of card making! Please leave your comments.. it means a lot to me!
Thanks for Visiting!

You make my heart sing!

Yet another Distress Ink card :) yea.. I'm just totally mad about and  stamps are again from Ippity that I bought from Ujjwal, the music notes are just my favorite these days and I love try them out in every possible thing :) I just tried this two fold  card for the first time and also I have messed up a bit  while stamping the music notes.. so please excuse me for my messy work and do let me know how this is :) 
Thanks for Visiting!

Multiple Page card again!

Yet another multiple page card That I made on order for some as per their  specifications and This was the first card in which I used  Ipitty's music note  stamp and I have tried stamping them with  two colors and my favorite cup cakes which are hand drawn and cut and Guitar again! and the  cars as well :) I hope I have done  pretty well.. please let me know your opinion on this :)
Thanks for Visiting!

Lets get Racing!!

In the Race of Life …..
Don’t waste your energy and time trying to compare with others…..
Sometimes you are ahead… Sometimes behind….
The race is long and in the end it’s only with yourself……

This is the card I made for a friend's birthday who is totally crazy about F1  and  the inspiration for  creating this  was a card that i saw in my favorite craft store and was too tempted to try it out with my own  concept and I ended up doing this. So please let me know what you feel about this card
Thanks for Visiting!

Thanks a Bunch!

This is a simple Thank You  card I made when I tried heat embossing for the very first time! just a patch of my favorite pink mulberry paper and some flowers from my favorite  craft store Itsy Bitsy!
Thanks For visiting!

To the ROCK STAR little brother!

This was a birthday card I made in the midst of my major exam for my little brother, its nothing complicated but I just love the way it looks simple yet beautiful I think and the Guitar is the most beautiful  thing :)
Thanks for Visiting!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Lets get Racing!

In the Race of Life …..
Don’t waste your energy and time trying to compare with others…..
Sometimes you are ahead… Sometimes behind….
The race is long and in the end it’s only with yourself……

This is a card I made for a friend of mine on her birthday.. she is just too crazy about racing hence this one was specially made for her  and I was inspired to to this as I saw something  similar in a craft store I was too tempted to try it out with my own theme.
please let me know what you think about this card.
Thanks for visiting!

Faux tearing and Distressing!

Distressing has  got me crazy, and its my absolute favorite and this one more post on my distressing and the magic was all in the distress ink, paper and Gloss! and stamps is again Ippity that I bought from the Ipitty chick Ujjwal Please let me know how this one looks :)
Thanks for visiting

itz PINK!

Multiple page cards are my all time favorites and just everybody loves it :) I had an amazing time creating this card and I just love each and every minute I spent working on this and that's mainly because its "PINK" yea.. its my favorite color and I jus really love the way it has come out PINK = perfect :)
I would love to hear what You think about this card.. Please do comment.
Thanks for visiting!

My first Handmade card!

Even though this is not my first post in the blog this is my very first handmade card!
Thanks for visiting!

Its Love!

Love Brings a wonderful triumph in your life!
This is a simple love card I made  by stamping those hearts and  hand written and heat embossed sentiment at the bottom from the heat embossing tools I bought from Karuna.
Thanks for visiting!

Frame it Forever!

A photo frame made Just to fit your picture perfect!  I have Used black velvet for this frame and those red glitter hearts a hand drawn and cut :) This frame fits in a 5x7" picture! 
Thanks For Visiting!


This is a simple  anniversary card I made.. I love to do something simple like this and the couple who received it  Just really loved it as well :)  just little gold ribbon and some kundan and yea My Ippity stamps again! :)
Thanks for Visiting!


A few simple Rakhi cards that I made!


These are the few easel Rakhi cards that I made this year. And kind of really like the easel rakhi cards.. I feel Rakhi will have its own perfect place to fit in the card and the Rakhi's are also Handmade and I have to Thank my favorite crafter Juhi for the tutorial she has put up on this :) please let me know how good is my easel efforts!
Thanks for Visiting!

Thinking Of You

This is a simple "Thanking of you" card the big red ribbon on the top is my favorite and the strips of paper yous see there is from one of the old  story books and stamps of course its Ippity :D

Thanks so much!

Simple but not simple.. Yea this is a thank You card That I made  cutting the heart window in the front and  inserting some glitter paper strips and my Unity stamps that I bought from Ujjwal and bright buttons!! ah! I jus really Love Buttons these days :) They are simply tooo cute :) and again No flowers!
a "heart felt" Thanks for visiting.

Mickey Mouse!

Its PINK and its my favorite color! and the mickey mouse foam sticker adds up to the kiddish feeling that this card gives :) and the  sentiment is again stamped using my fiskar stamps! :)
Thanks for visiting!

Friends are forever!

These are the few  quick and simple Friendship day cards that I made  using my all new Fiskar stamps!! Awww... They are Just amazing :)  What do You think??
Thanks for visiting!


A simple Congratulations card That I made, I have been challenging myself to do some no flower cards and this is the first one in the list and I feel its soo perfect for someone who Juts got a new job or graduated from their college! waiting for your comments :)
Thanks For visiting.

On a rainy day!

This is the out come of the first day of this monsoon season which had kept me locked at home!
since its a no sentiment card all I want to tell about this card is~

Rain is grace; rain is the sky condescending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life! ~ A card inspired by monsoon.. In this season of rain .. when the joy showers over you and You're missing someone around.. or reminds you of a rainy memory this is a perfect one for you to send it across to the person you are thinking about! :D 
P.S: Save water.. save life :)

stress free Distressing!

Hello Crafters!!
This is my first ever distress ink card and I kind of really like how its come  out.. I was Just experimenting wid my all new Tim holtz distress ink and am totally in love with them :) You can see  few more distressing cards in my up coming posts :)and yea I've used unity stamps that I bought from Ujjwal and the sentiment is the clear stamps that I bough from Karuna  :) Please do comment.. Your words are worth a lot to me :)
Thanks for Visiting

Our Beginning

A fresh dew drops in the early grey warms up your day to give you something better! similarly here I start with these pretty playful butterflies on this blog so that they fly with charm with their amazing colors and beauty
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