Thursday, 25 August 2011

I DARED to do this finally! [ my first experience with Pie Lane :)

Hello Peeps!!
This is just a simple card but for me its something  new because I have DARED to quill.. Though I have been making cards for more than one and a half yeas now I could never get the guts to quill on anything.. I always had the feeling I cant actually get my hands on that cause its something that looks elegant to me and delicate at the same and someone who cant get these two things right in place anytime and finally the day has come for me to get started with this and I jus did this simple flower and the happiest thing about the card is I now finally have glitter balls from Pie Lane! :) I was so surprised  when I got the package this afternoon as soon as I was back from college :) Just to use those irresistibly cute glitter balls I ended up making this simple card. Hopefully I'll be making something nice from my pie lane products soon :)
please do comment and help me get better and more confident with Quilling!! I badly need help on this!
Thanks for Visiting!

P.S :This card again proves am just NOT able to keep myself away frommy Distress inks :P


  1. Its so pretty.
    I too wish to try quilling but could not find time to try this technique.

  2. ok so I commented and dont know where it went :/
    anyhoo super sweet card. love the distresing

  3. Congratulations on your first quilled card-- soon you may not want to do anything else!!

  4. Thanks sudha :)
    and thanks soo much E.T. and I ve been trying hard to verify and set blog ryt :( I dnt really what has gone wrong :( will fix it soon..

  5. Thanks Dr.sonia :) I hope I ll also start feeling so sooon :) Thanks a lot! :)


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