Saturday, 27 August 2011

NOT a card!

Hello :)
If I have to call this a card .. this is just a single sided one with a pouch at the back where I have place  few tags.. and most importantly I got my hands back on my favorite itsy bitsy flowers! I just love these  flowers because they were the once with which I started making cards :) So anyday my love for these flowers never fades and its been quite a long time since i used flowers in any of my cards and Hence I got back to  them with this one and the those music notes are hand drawn and  dressed up with my new Pie Lane glitter balls and the Ippity stamps that I bought from Ujjwal.
Over all I can say am on high alert to get some card stock for myself or else I will end up making something like this as am totally running out card stock,, I better make time and rush to get them sooon :)
please do tell me what you think about this!
Thanks For visiting!


  1. Fabbie project!.. LOVE the blingy music notes! :D

  2. Thanks a lot spardha and sudha :)


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