Monday, 26 September 2011

Best Wishes!

A best wishes card.. there is nothing much to about this but just made it simple as I dint have much time to execute the order.. I love the bright combination! I jus went on doing this Dint know how it would trun up at all!! But am happy with how it looks! 
Please do tell me howz this! 
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Challenge #69 - Sponsored by ECHO PARK!

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  1. Hi there.... beautiful card....... I loved those felt roses and ur PP too..... I m yet to get my first stamp...... lets see how I do in that????

  2. This is a very pretty card...why don't you enter your card into might end up winning some amazing goodies...This card will fit right into this challenge..Here's the challenge link

    I love those felt roses..haven't tried myself...but should do soon!!

  3. wow u make beautiful cards... really loved ur creation... thanks for visiting my blog...

  4. beautiful card...


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