Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Mini Birthday Scrapbook!

Hello People!! I;m back here again with a Mini birthday scrapbook that I made 2 days ago! In the midst of my exam preparation I don't seem to jeep myself away from crafting!! So please take a look! :)

Its a completely customized card and it was an amazing experience to  do my second scrap book! Its got a lot of different cards in it like the criss cross card, easel card and gate fold card! Pie Lane Buttons has become one of  my fav these days so here also I have a couple of them! And patterned papers are from my very own Itsy Bitsy!! I totally love the way it looks since I dint Have metal rings to put the pages of the scrapbook together I have used the ribbon! But soon am goona be using those lovely looking metal rings in my nxt project! so keep an eye! 
So  now please leave your precious comments  on this! May it be anything I would love to hear it!
Thanks for visiting!
Lots of Love to You all!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

A heartfelt Apology!

Hello people!!
I'm Back here posting after a long tym and now I have 13 followers! Omg! Thanks soo much for being here!1 Lots of love to u all!!

And here is another simple card! and its my first ever Apology card just some simple layering ribbon nothing  extra speacial about this card but I just really love the smiley wooden clip I have put there! I just found it in a super market stationary section [that's the first place I go when I go shopping other than clothes :P] It fits in soo perfect for the card! don't you think so?? well Please let me know what do you wanna say about this card! waiting to hear from you all!! :)
Thanks for Visiting!

Lots of love!

Monday, 3 October 2011

To the BOSS!

This is another simple card I made on order for a friend of mine who wants to give this to his super awesome Boss! And am still a learner when it comes to making cards for men.. its kind of a difficult task I feel But yeah.. I'm Hoping to do good in these kinda cards as well..  So for now please let me know how this one is! I would love to hear from You and yeah.. I forgot to tell the stamp and the silver ink is what I bought from Ujjwal!
Take care!

Rosy Birthday!

This is just another simple card! nothing so special about it but jus tried heat embossing avter a really reaaly long time and am always scared of messing it up and I did the same.. am yet to  get perfect at it.. and I have been loving my rolled  felt roses and I did it again and I promise myself to keep away from them for sometime for sure! :) and decorated with button and lots of glitter balls from Pie Lane! I kept myself away from the glitter balls for a while since tehy demand lots and lots of patience and I have now evloved and found a easier way to place them on my cards without much mess so may be am getting back to these lovely little stuff again!!
Thanks for visiting!

P.S: I want tips for heat embossing!! Please help me my lovely ladies!

For one of Your Ever green memory!

I was trying to make a fabric flower for the very first time! This is what I came up with! :)
I used some fabric scrap of my altered sleeves and hair bands and made this! I use  Pie lane's stich detail wooden button for the center of the white flowers and some pearls I locally bought for my purple flowers! You take a clear  look at my flowers in the second picture! since This is my first experiment with needle n fabric please be gentle. I would Love to get more  tips and suggestions onthis from all YOU amazing crafters! Please help me! and do let me know how my frame is! I made it after a really long time And in a hurry to complete it last  night i miscalculated and the slide in slit is seen plese excuse me for that!
Thanks for Dropping by!

Lots of  Love to all of you!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

A customized card!

Hello People!
This is another customized card that I'm posting today!  nothing uch to say about this, just simple layering.. stamping and distressing and lots of paper embellishments!
Please do comment and let me know how this is! :)
Thanks for Visiting!

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