Monday, 3 October 2011

Rosy Birthday!

This is just another simple card! nothing so special about it but jus tried heat embossing avter a really reaaly long time and am always scared of messing it up and I did the same.. am yet to  get perfect at it.. and I have been loving my rolled  felt roses and I did it again and I promise myself to keep away from them for sometime for sure! :) and decorated with button and lots of glitter balls from Pie Lane! I kept myself away from the glitter balls for a while since tehy demand lots and lots of patience and I have now evloved and found a easier way to place them on my cards without much mess so may be am getting back to these lovely little stuff again!!
Thanks for visiting!

P.S: I want tips for heat embossing!! Please help me my lovely ladies!


  1. lovely card... love the glitter balls from Pie lane..

  2. hi.... ur new follower here.... grt use of the glitter balls... u can try Tejal's blog for embossing tips...


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