Saturday, 28 July 2012

Post it mini!!

Hello people!!

Well this is the  thing I made of my post it that I received from KPMG induction kit!!! One week  through work life and I'm totally loving KPMG! anyway in this happy happy mood that I'm in  lemme  show you what it is-

After coming across lulupu's Mini challenge I hav grown mini obsessed!!~ so This just another addition for that.. it can be made into album or used to write lotsa lil things!!!

So temme howzzit??


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Altered CD case

helloo again!!
 I'm pretty active on my blog these days and its a total WOW! feeling!! I'm sooo loving it! 
well  here is what I made today.. Its an altered frame for my dad's desk. This my mum n dad's fist pic after the wedding!! and not to forget inspiration frm  For the love  of crafting challenge#8- anything goes with twist :)Vintage queen Mallika is one of my favorite  so entering this challenge for her :)

Please take a look at my project and leave me some love-

challenges- For the love of crafting-challenege#6- anything goes with  but with a twist
PPS- challenge#6- recycle it 
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Monday, 9 July 2012

3 fold card!


This is a simple 3 fold card, actually its a combination of 2 cards. I was trying to do 6 fold and dutch fold card but absent minded me  mixed both folding to one cards and this is what the result of it!!I can say my own unique fold card! LOL!! anyway plz go through and give me your comments!! :D


2x2 mini- inspired from Lulupu challenge

Hello ppl!!
I'm back with a post after a real long gap and now this pos is totally inspired by Lulupu's challenge of the month. The moment I came across this challenge I could not stop myself from creating something and I came up with a 2x2 min, this is also  my tiniest creation till date and I totally love what I have done! I really din't know a tiny thing like this could be sooo awesome and suchha feel good factor! we can also make this into a  key chain and  write lovely lil things inside!!

Since its my forst one and I made it on a love theme and it has 7 lil pockets inside and all of it has inserts am planning to write "7 reasons why he is soo awesome" ;) ok keeping it aside.. plz take a look at my mini  n leave me some love!

The last pic is a pie lane view- the  button & butterfly :) and also distressed and glossed paper roses!! I'm in love with those roses!! :)

Challenge: Lulupu monthly challeneg-july-Mini albums

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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Love and distress ;)

Heyy Peeps!!

I've always been crazy about distress inks and recently I bot 4 more of it and which instantly got me to do the following little projects! I just can't get my hands off those inks but trying hard to get outta the vintage feeling :P anways while I try get colorful you please take a look at my work and comment on it :)

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A special Birthday Card!

This is a multi page card I made for my Bestie for her birthday and This is special coz this is gonna be her last birthday in India  and I just can't believe I have spent my every singe day for 3 years with this amazing girl! I don't have much to say about this card, you take a look yourself and let me know what do you think about it!! Ill be super happy if you leave me a comment! :)

This is a whole new try, Thanks to Juhi for the awesome tutorial this is what I came up with with the help of her tutorial!

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Friday, 13 April 2012

only one!

Hello Peeps!!

This will be my only card for the month as the exam tension is  horribly eating me up, I just decided to make this one before packing all my stuff for this entire month!! A super quick and simple card I made in few mins wid some messy stamping and handmade ribbon flower and also some pinched put flowers distressed and centered with the cobination of blue and red glitter balls from pie lane! Finally I used my dots for sure stamps which I bot from ujjwal ages ago and the dollies from Jovi!

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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Priyanka's yummy candyy!!

Hello People!!  please take a look at priyanka dutta's yummy blog candy which ends on 7th may!! Take a look  participate n get lucky!! :)

My first Blog award!!

Helloo Peeps!!!
Liebster  Blog award That I received from Priyanka dutta! I'm so Glad she considered me! Thanks a ton Priyanka!

The idea of the Liebster Blog Award is to spread the love from one small blog (under 200 followers) to other small blogs. This helps to spread knowledge and readership.

Here are the terms under which this "Liebster Blog Award" are to be given.

1) Link back to the person who gave it and thank them for thinking of you.
2) Post the award to your blog.
3) Give the award to 5 bloggers (with less than 200 followers) that you appreciate and value.
4) Leave a comment on the blogs of the five people you have chosen to let them know.
I decided to pass on this  award to the following beautiful crafters~
have funn girls!!! :) *hugs*

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Happiee Birthday Akira Yoshizawa!!

Hi everyone!
Well this is a  simple card tht I made today and this card is dedicated to Akria Yoshizawa on hos 101st Birthday! He is Known as the  Grand Master of Origami!
This is a simple card with a origami  shirt and  two blue Pie Lane Buttons, the background is again a piece of my finance  project report :P [I love the text background look] and the stamp is what I bought from Jovi's store  creativita!!

Let me know how is my first ever Origami shirt! :D

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Monday, 12 March 2012

My recycled- reusable Note book!


Well I seem to be little too active on my blog these days.. I would love to continue and keep myself updated with you all!! :) Today's post is my small  Recycled Reusable note book! :) This  book is completely made out of all scrap I had around, the flowers are punched out of  my finance project report.. the papers I have used inside  is  from a note book which I was using in my 5th grade!![ well that says I cleaned my room :P] and I just poured a lot of  Pie lane glitter balls on each flower.. I just Love the way it looks!! :D and  my latest  love is the Fiskars sunburst border punch That I bought from Lulupu craft lounge! [ karuna's  craft store is  just amazing!] and the stamp is one of my favorite collection That I bought from Ujjwal!

Ok! I'm done with all the talking!! Now its your trun to comment and let me know what you think!! ;) I hope you will do it! :)

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Its a Birthday!!

Hello People!!!
First of all a very  happy hold and a happy women's day to all my fellow crafters!
Here is a quick post am  making while I took a break from my never ending assignments! :)
This is a simple  tri fold Birthday card for a boy.. with some  buttons from Pie lane.. these wooden buttons are my favorite these days I have been using them in all my projects ever since I bought it and the  borders of the message space is my new fiskar  sunburst border punch that I bought from Lulupu craft lounge!

Please  leave a comment on this card!

Thanks for Visiting

P.S: Have a colorful and a happiee holi :)

Friday, 2 March 2012

We are the perfecctt Blend!!

My second post for the day here.. and this is my very first attempt to make a Love theme card!! somehow I have never been able to make one till date and  finally got my hands on doing one and ended up with this.. and I really Love the outcome!!  honestly I cant get my eyes  off this card ! pretty good  for the first attempt I think!! wot do you say?? let me know!! please leave me some  love on my for my  very first Love themed card!! what I love about the card is the  glitter ball  heart in the center of the  coffee cup.. I totally Love  Pie lane for that and super cute dollies tat I always wanted and my favorite  Fiskars Latte Love stamp that I bought from Creativita! Thanks Jovi!

Thanks For Visiting!

P.S: Waiting for your comments people!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Shadow Box cards!!

Elloo Peeps!!!
well yeah!! I'm jus back wid a post after a  really long gap!! I hav  lots n lots to post hea but  I reqally don't have the patience to sit and do tht and lots of things keeping me occupied these days!!  I jus hope I will post  everything  keep my blog updated!! Now I just wanted to show you  my first 2 shadow box cards!! i jus love the way it has turned up.. one for the boy and one for the girl! Just keeping it simple so that I don't mess it up!!  I hav used  few of my favorite PP's from  Itsy bitsy and the first cards hav some Pie Lane buttons that I bot from Jovi!! I love the  bright shades of those buttons.. totally amazing!! 
I'm waiting for your comments on the cards!!! Please do leave me some comments.. I would love to hear from ya all!! 

Thanks for Visiting!! :)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Christmas card!!

The one and only chirstmas card I did this season!! was just too lazy to post then!!  betta late than neva  ;) doing it now!!  please take a look a leave me some  comments!! :)

Thanks for visiting!

some more calenders!!

Helloo People!!
I know its  wayrtoo late but ya.. still.. A vei happiee new year to ya all!! :) hope its all going great!!! I'm jus soo bad at blogging no wonder I have only a handful of ppl following me!! but thanks to those 2 new additions on the followers list!! I felt  good!! :) :)  there iz  quite a few  posts to be made!! but let me jus  finish with the calenders and get back with my other projects hea :)

Thanks for visiting!
Do come back for more! :)
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