Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Happiee Birthday Akira Yoshizawa!!

Hi everyone!
Well this is a  simple card tht I made today and this card is dedicated to Akria Yoshizawa on hos 101st Birthday! He is Known as the  Grand Master of Origami!
This is a simple card with a origami  shirt and  two blue Pie Lane Buttons, the background is again a piece of my finance  project report :P [I love the text background look] and the stamp is what I bought from Jovi's store  creativita!!

Let me know how is my first ever Origami shirt! :D

Thanks for Visiting!

Monday, 12 March 2012

My recycled- reusable Note book!


Well I seem to be little too active on my blog these days.. I would love to continue and keep myself updated with you all!! :) Today's post is my small  Recycled Reusable note book! :) This  book is completely made out of all scrap I had around, the flowers are punched out of  my finance project report.. the papers I have used inside  is  from a note book which I was using in my 5th grade!![ well that says I cleaned my room :P] and I just poured a lot of  Pie lane glitter balls on each flower.. I just Love the way it looks!! :D and  my latest  love is the Fiskars sunburst border punch That I bought from Lulupu craft lounge! [ karuna's  craft store is  just amazing!] and the stamp is one of my favorite collection That I bought from Ujjwal!

Ok! I'm done with all the talking!! Now its your trun to comment and let me know what you think!! ;) I hope you will do it! :)

Thanks for Visiting!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Its a Birthday!!

Hello People!!!
First of all a very  happy hold and a happy women's day to all my fellow crafters!
Here is a quick post am  making while I took a break from my never ending assignments! :)
This is a simple  tri fold Birthday card for a boy.. with some  buttons from Pie lane.. these wooden buttons are my favorite these days I have been using them in all my projects ever since I bought it and the  borders of the message space is my new fiskar  sunburst border punch that I bought from Lulupu craft lounge!

Please  leave a comment on this card!

Thanks for Visiting

P.S: Have a colorful and a happiee holi :)

Friday, 2 March 2012

We are the perfecctt Blend!!

My second post for the day here.. and this is my very first attempt to make a Love theme card!! somehow I have never been able to make one till date and  finally got my hands on doing one and ended up with this.. and I really Love the outcome!!  honestly I cant get my eyes  off this card ! pretty good  for the first attempt I think!! wot do you say?? let me know!! please leave me some  love on my for my  very first Love themed card!! what I love about the card is the  glitter ball  heart in the center of the  coffee cup.. I totally Love  Pie lane for that and super cute dollies tat I always wanted and my favorite  Fiskars Latte Love stamp that I bought from Creativita! Thanks Jovi!

Thanks For Visiting!

P.S: Waiting for your comments people!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Shadow Box cards!!

Elloo Peeps!!!
well yeah!! I'm jus back wid a post after a  really long gap!! I hav  lots n lots to post hea but  I reqally don't have the patience to sit and do tht and lots of things keeping me occupied these days!!  I jus hope I will post  everything  keep my blog updated!! Now I just wanted to show you  my first 2 shadow box cards!! i jus love the way it has turned up.. one for the boy and one for the girl! Just keeping it simple so that I don't mess it up!!  I hav used  few of my favorite PP's from  Itsy bitsy and the first cards hav some Pie Lane buttons that I bot from Jovi!! I love the  bright shades of those buttons.. totally amazing!! 
I'm waiting for your comments on the cards!!! Please do leave me some comments.. I would love to hear from ya all!! 

Thanks for Visiting!! :)

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