Monday, 9 July 2012

2x2 mini- inspired from Lulupu challenge

Hello ppl!!
I'm back with a post after a real long gap and now this pos is totally inspired by Lulupu's challenge of the month. The moment I came across this challenge I could not stop myself from creating something and I came up with a 2x2 min, this is also  my tiniest creation till date and I totally love what I have done! I really din't know a tiny thing like this could be sooo awesome and suchha feel good factor! we can also make this into a  key chain and  write lovely lil things inside!!

Since its my forst one and I made it on a love theme and it has 7 lil pockets inside and all of it has inserts am planning to write "7 reasons why he is soo awesome" ;) ok keeping it aside.. plz take a look at my mini  n leave me some love!

The last pic is a pie lane view- the  button & butterfly :) and also distressed and glossed paper roses!! I'm in love with those roses!! :)

Challenge: Lulupu monthly challeneg-july-Mini albums

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  1. Tiny but super cute! Cant imagine how u got so much detailing in such a small layout!

    Thanks for participating in Monthly challenge!


  2. super cute mini and hats off to your patience and creativity that despite its size you managed to put so many cute details inside.thanks for joining us at lulupu blogspot's monthly challenge.

  3. Wonderful work.. I loved your embellishments used...Simply Superb.... Keep up dear!!!


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