About Us

earth is known to be celebrating its millionth year birthday everyday! everyday? yes! because of the severe environmental degradation, everyday is a survival! every asset of this planet is depleting and its said that if this goes on, the next generation will probably not breathe or eat. earth is not earth without nature.
Nature has given us life, a floor, food and infact everything! is it not our duty to contribute a bit of ours too in storing its glory for generations to come?
The extensive use of plastic can make Earth a plastic world in no time. Let us allow our next set of generation to enjoy life which has a life. Join hands in making this planet available forever.
taking this issue, we at hand in hand intend to join hands with like minds and intend to make our bit of contribution is changing the geography of global warming. all products here, are made keeping earth as its inspiration. The products are Eco friendly, degradable and recycled. Eco-friendly products can be made a trend itself. This project further also extends in making earth a better home for the under privileged. giving them a roof and explore their talent. so come along and join hands with us for this thoughtful motive.
hand in hand- we live longer
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